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Platform Introduction

blibli is the second largest e-commerce platform in Indonesia. It has been established for more than 10 years and it is known for only selling local brands. The platform has long been popular in Indonesia. With its convenient payment methods and free delivery services, it is loved and trusted by local users. The products on the plaform ranges from home decorations, traditional clothing, cuisine of styles from differernt islands, to domestic tourism and tickets for art performances and sports events. As the official ERP service provider of Blibli, UPFOS helps its users to manage stores, orders, warehouses, and delivery. The operational efficiency is significantly improved, and the time and labor costs are greatly reduced.

Advantage Analysis

  1. The platform is growing fast and the traffic is growing fast.
  2. The platformoffers multiplepayment methods such as online banking payment, debit/credit card, ATM, wire transfer, cash payment, e-wallet, etc.
  3. The platfrom has exellent social media.
  4. Wide coverage of logistics network.

Entry Process

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