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Platform Introduction

Bukalapak is a comprehensive C2C e-commerce platform in Indonesia. Its product categories include household appliances, furniture, gadgets and smartphones, as well as some fashion products. It is currently one of Indonesia’s largest e-commerce platforms. Bukalapak has 110 million registered users, and it has cooperated with 10.4 million stores through its Mitra business, of which 4.1 million stores were active this quarter.


As the official ERP service provider of Bukalapak, UPFOS helps its users to manage stores, orders, warehouses, and delivery. The operational efficiency is significantly improved, and the time and labor costs are greatly reduced.

Advantage Analysis

  1. The user base is huge, with more than 9 million visits per month, approximately 53 million unique visitors per month, and more than 80,000 existing platform sellers.
  2. Rich product categories: There are 22 product categories including women’s fashion, household appliances, and furnitureand so on.
  3. Payment methods: support 17 payment methods such as BukaDomepet, bank transfer, KlikPay BCA, credit card installment payment and Kredivo payment.
  4. 4. Financial stability: it hasa stable capital chain and considerable growth.
  5. Offersonline sales skills training.
  6. Each product page will be SEO optimized to facilitate buyers’ products to get more exposure and conversion in Google browser.

Entry Process

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