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Project Summary:
  • Shopee and UPFOFS are now cooperating in a strategic alliance to achieve market growth in Southeast Asia and to provide eCommerce customers with better services by comprehensive and convenient functions.
  • Shopee was founded in 2015 and headquarters in Singapore. Its business covers 9 markets: Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philipines, Brazil, and Mexico.
  • Shopee has launched various services and functions in the past years, including Shopee International Platform (SIP), local KOL host, official agency service provider recruitment, cross border seller Facebook ads, and so on, to provide sellers with plenty of opportunities and options to grow their businesses.
  • As of 2020, Shopee’s monthly active user number, total downloads, and Android user usage time were top 1 among the Shopping Apps in Taiwan and Southeast Asia region. Also in 2020, Shopee has the third-highest total downloads among shopping Apps around the world.
  • Shopee’s current seasonal active user has reached over 310 million, the user with an actual transaction has reached over 26 million with ARPU of 17 US Dollars. Considering the 670 million population of Southeast Asia, this implies that Shopee has covered most of the young people.
UPFOS features: Powerful eCommerce ERP system, an all-around assistant tailored for Southeast Asia sellers.
  1. Batch processing orders with high efficiency, support printing of logistics orders, picking orders, handover form simultaneously. When processing a large number of orders, wave printing sorts orders based on preset conditions so that specific products are printed together to allow easier product picking.
  2. Flexible promotion schemes break the limitation of the platform’s built-in promotion options to boost conversion rate and retain existing customers.
  3. Preset promotion time prior to the promotion for automatic start.
  4. Reliable visualization and analytics are available on both browser and APP-end to provide access anywhere and anytime. Reports can be exported from the PC end.
  5. Comprehensive data monitoring and analytics, reports cover sales orders, post-sales orders, purchase orders, inventory, and so on.
  6. Marketing message via SMS, WhatsApp, and Email to boost conversion rate. Assist in analyzing customer behavior, filtering and finding quality customers, checking messages from multiple stores, improve reply rate in Chat.

Project Update:

  • Continue updating on smart and flexible rule configuration allows customize tagging for different bussiness requirements.
  • New feature: product information and SKU price modification after releasing product from UPFOS system to the platform.
  • New feature: smart product recommandation, pinning popular products to the top.

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