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Good News! The Auspicious land of "Rich Treasures", UPFOS Empowers Sellers With High Conversion and Frequent orders

 The population of Southeast Asia is as high as 600 million, the demographic dividend and the popularity of mobile devices in recent years have made the Southeast Asian market a haven for current capital. Under the influence of the pandemic, the sales of e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asian countries have grown rapidly. The data shows that as of September 30, 2021, the Southeast Asian e-commerce platform Lazada has achieved a continuous increase in user visits in the past seven quarters, and the number of orders has increased by 82% year-on-year. The Southeast Asian e-commerce platform Shopee also performed well on 12.12. On the day of the 12.12 sale, the number of visits to the platform surged to 6 times as much as usual, the number of new seller registrations increased by 20%, the number of buyers increased rapidly, and the overall order volume in the brand mall was 14 times as usual.

Chinese brands were among the best-performed brands during the Shopee 12.12 sale and were loved by consumers. Many acclaimed Chinese brands include Realme, OPPO, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. have entered the 12.12 sale top brand list.

Realme, a popular Chinese mobile phone brand, is on the top of the list. As many sellers may have known, Realme was officially established on August 28, 2018, and entered India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and other Southeast Asian markets in less than half a year. With its rapid and aggressive expansion, problems ensued. One of the obstacles is that there are multiple warehouses, located in many countries and regions in Southeast Asia, which leads to difficulties in warehouse data management and a heavy distribution burden. To tackle the series of obstacles, UPFOS, a well-known local ERP brand in Southeast Asia, empowered Realme to go overseas.

1. UPFOS empowers integrated storage-distribution management of mobile warehouses, providing customized systems to the customers, making the business and workflow simpler and faster.

2.Establishs a coding system that allows one set of barcode to be used and managed across warehouses. By reusing the Realme manufacturer’s barcode, there’s no need to create and print new barcode for the products, reducing the cost and labor for printing barcodes.

3.Integrated Storage-distribution management is the solution to managing the connections between systems. UPFOS integrates with WMS systems seamlessly, helping Realme keep track of the relationships between warehouses located in different regions. Based on the unique code verification during inbound and outbound, customers can manage the warehouse efficiency through inventory allocation, warehouse location management, and parent-child warehouse integration. These features alleviate the load for warehouse management, cost, and labor.

UPFOS overcomes cross-boarder sellers’ pain points and helps Chinese brands and sellers along their journey overseas.

UPFOS local team provides customers with customized services. Customers can make the ERP system their own by requesting and extending features based on their needs.

UPFOS enables THERMOS’ efficient warehouse workflow, Lancome’s visualized management system, and OPPO’s comprehensively optimized eCommerce business!

UPFOS achieved great success during this 12.12 sale helping Realme get top 1 on the mobile phone and pad category ranking in both Malaysia and the Philipines market.

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