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J&T International Logistics cooperates with UPFOS to serve Southeast Asian e-commerce sellers to facilitate further business breakthroughs

Description: – – How did UPFOS help Gopro break through the 500% sales growth and rank it on the Lazada TOP list of digital product and home appliances?

J&T International Logistics is a subsidiary of J&T Group that actively partakes in the“ Belt and Road ” strategy. J&T Group operates with a sophisticated business layout, powerful international logistics resources, and technical advantages. By adhering to our tenet of “logistics as the foundation, information as the basis, and integrating premium logistics resources in the industry, J&T Group successfully established its international sector.

J&T International Logistics enables cross-border sellers to expand the Southeast Asian market together with cooperative partners. The troubles of offline logistics will be solved by J&T International Logistics, UPFOS ERP will help e-commerce sellers with and online product selection and publishing, order delivery, product management, warehouse optimization management, supply chain management, after-sales customer service and so on.

UPFOS is a One-Stop Omni-Channel retail management system. It not only connects with dozens of mainstream e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, but also has a local service team providing one-to-one consulting services of whole process which could help e-commerce sellers realize intelligent management, cost reduction and efficiency improvement. 

Not only these platforms, UPFOS also have cooperated with many famous  brands such as VIVO, Gopro, BY-HEALTH, Lancome, Shiseido, OPPO, Colgate, etc., which have highly commended UPFOS due to its effort of enhancing the awareness and the overall image of the brand in Southeast Asia.

With the support of J&T International Logistics, UPFOS is able to help sellers auto review, print and deliver all orders according to customized setting and detail track of all history processes; easily batch process orders, print shipping

labels, package lists and invoices at once; intelligently packaging to save logistics costs, which are just parts of many functions of UPFOS ERP.

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UPFOS ERP is the most powerful ERP service provider connects online and offline business, supply chain, inventory management, and the integration of OMS and WMS business management. It also provides e-commerce sellers with other efficient management solutions, such as online store set up, thirdpartnar, product selection, logistics, supply chain, finance, sales channel expansion and other services. 

One platform, million possibilities.

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Value-added services:

Set up Store, Overseas Warehouse, Logistics, Drop shipping, Digital Marketing, E-commerce Enablers, Suppliers, Loan Service, Payments & Earnings, Live Streaming, Product Research, Data Analysis, E-commerce Education, Store Decoration, and other software tools.

Strategic Partnership:

Jet Commerce, one-stop e-commerce solution and enabler which empowers the e-commerce growth in southeast Asia for brands & sellers.

J&T International Logistics, deliver the world at ease.

(E-commerce packet, Traditional freight forwarding service, FBA services, Overseas warehouse)

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