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Popular Items on the South East Asian Market You Need to Think About Featuring on Your Store This Christmas!


Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring tingle tingling too, come on its lovely time for some product recommendations for you! Chrismas is coming to town, and marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee are starting their Chrismas sales in no time. Together with the 12.12 sales, let’s get rolling! There are so many things with Chrismas elements on the market, Chrismas tree, Santa Clause, reindeer, just to name a few. Which items should you pick to feature?

Christmas tree is no doubt, a classic Christmas must-have. Most families in countries like the phillipines, brazil, singapore and Malaysia, where Christmas is celebrated nationwide, will have Christmas tree set up. As Christmas is becoming more widely accepted, many customers in other countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia are starting to set up their trees to share the merry and delight. So here comes everyone’s favorite, the Christmas tree ornaments!

Santa, reindeer and sleigh ornaments are among the most searched keywords, together with Christmas-themed plushes, balls, ribbons, and gift boxes. As items like ribbon and balls usually come in different colors and textures, you can mix-match the different options into combo packages. This way the customers can purchase packages with different variations of an item. Additionally, think about setting up bo-go sales on DIY tools and accessories such as tapes, command strips, and hooks, providing your customer with some extra convenience.

It is worth mentioning that Christmas is one of the biggest holidays in the Philipines. The entire holiday season spans up to 5 months (from September to next January). Because of that, customers from the Philipines tend to look for Christmas-themed home goods, like linens and household products. Some examples are pillow covers, wallpaper curtains, etc. Unlike the decorative items, these home essentials serve a much longer time in the family. The curtain shown below is very popular among customers from the Philippines.

Although Christmas is not a national holiday in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, the popularity of Christmas is still high under the influence of Western culture. Items that appeal to the younger generations are good choices for sellers.

As posting cute pictures on social media is a big part of young people’s daily life, aesthetic items for picture taking is among the best-selling categories. Some examples are miniature Christmas trees, gift boxes, ambient light, reindeer figures, and so on.

Rather than a family gathering occasion, Christmas is more of a commercial celebrating activity in countries like Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan. It is a time for young people to hang out with their friends and go to parties. Christmas-themed fashion accessories will be in high demand during this time.

Want to spice up your Christmas outfit? Try out these reindeer hair clips! Don’t forget that red and green is the iconic color scheme for Christmas, so hairbands, scrunchies, and hair clips in these colors are things that no customers can resist.

Besides hair accessories, earrings and fake nail stickers are also affordable and convenient options loved by customers. The glistening gold-colored earrings catchlights and add a romantic and glamorous touch that matches the atmosphere of Christmas. Fake nail stickers are another clever little embellishment that makes your outfit pop, and they look great on pictures too. They are also easy to remove after use, making them a good choice for customers who like to switch up styles.

Not only children, but adults look forward to Christmas too. In the Philipines, Christmas starts as early as September and extends to the New Year. Families go out to visit relatives and receive blessings from the elderly family members while the elderlies give out gifts and pocket money to the children. Before visiting, children dress up in new cloth or Christmas costumes and put on their favorite wearable flashing light. In Brazil and Singapore, Gift exchange is also an important part of the Christmas celebration. Of course, new clothes are essential! Get Girl’s dresses, boy’s trousers, baby onesies, and children’s clothing ready, and see your order volume going up, up, and up!

Other than children’s clothing, children’s gifts are also among the top searched categories recently. Teachers will be buying gifts for their students and students will be exchanging gifts with their friends. Along with that, cute gift boxes and wrapping papers are also holiday essentials.

Above are some recommnadations and inspirations for your Christmas preparation, we wish every sellers a great success this holiday season!

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