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Platform Introduction

Qoo10 is Singapore’s largest e-commerce platform, it currently has 7 local markets in 5 countries and regions including Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Singapore and South Korea. The platform is famous for its low price and its wide variety of products, which includes electrionic accessories, clothing, food and even tickets. A highlight of the platform is that you can pay at the local convenience store 7-11, which is convenient for those who do not have a credit card. As for now Qoo10 has opened up its Singapore and South Korea station to Chinese sellers.

As the official ERP service provider of Qoo10, UPFOS helps its users to manage stores, orders, warehouses, and delivery. The operational efficiency is significantly improved, and the time and labor costs are greatly reduced. 

Advantage Analysis

  1. Becuase there is enough traffic, there is no need to hire experts to help you improve your store ranking. As a seller, you only need to make sure that the productsaresearchable by the customers.
  2. No store registering fee.
  3. No product listing fee.
  4. The Live 10 instant messaging software helps sellers to chat and contact buyers for free.
  5. Qoo10 sales manager helps track all orders, product listing and delivery.

Entry Process

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