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Southeast Asia’s fastest growing & leading e-commerce solution provider

SCI is the world’s leading digital commerce solution provider. Headquartered in Singapore, we have unique capabilities to cover the lucrative cross-border e-commerce trade routes between China and six countries in ASEAN, as well as intra-ASEAN. We pioneered the full suite end-to-end e-commerce solutions in Southeast Asia, empowering our brand and merchant partners in executing their cross-border e-commerce strategies. Adopting high-performance marketing concept and best management practices, SCI has helped brands including Unilever, Abbott, Oppo, Nestle, Vinda, and Danone successfully penetrate through Southeast Asia and China Corss-Border E-commerce market. Nowadays, SCI’s technology and services go beyond e-commerce, covering social commerce, online food commerce, direct-to-customer and private label, and financing solutions as the go-to digital solution provider for the global commerce.

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