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Platform Introduction

Shopify is a global multi-channel e-commerce platform that supports millions of merchants and enterprises. Shopify can help brands build and manage their sales channels. Whether it is through websites, third-party markets, or through physical point-of-sale systems, Shopify can make online business processes simpler and more centralized. Shopify also provides a full set of services for small and medium-sized enterprises, helping to create attractive brands and effective management, and achieve precise marketing for target customers.

As the official ERP service provider of Shopify, UPFOS helps its users to manage stores, orders, warehouses, and delivery. The operational efficiency is significantly improved, and the time and labor costs are greatly reduced. 

Advantage Analysis

  1. Without the restrictions posed by e-commerce platforms, sellers can plan their marketing strategies more flexibly.
  2. By using an independent site, displaying your products with the competing products can be avoided.
  3. Direct contact with customers allows insight into customer pain points, which in turn helps the seller to better optimize products and sales strategies, improve conversion rate, and retain customers.
  4. The platform provides ready-to-use and user-friendly website templates. You can create a website of your own without any coding experience.

Entry Process

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