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The Solution to Your Cross-border Bussiness Woes - How UPFOS Protects You From Unexpected Orders on Stockout Items?


Quick! Delist those products, the inventory is out but we are still getting orders…

Many sellers might have had this experience before, especially during large-scale promotion events like the 11.11 and 12.12 sales. Receiving orders for stockout products has always been one of the worst nightmares for eCommerce sellers, especially for cross-border sellers selling to the South East Aisa. Once the promotion is over, the delivery of these unexpected orders are likely to be heavily delayed, or even canceled eventually, significantly affecting the store analytics and reputation. So are there any good solutions to this?

Let’s first look at some common causes of the situation:

  1. There are inherent problems with the inventory handling mechanism. Products that should be delisted, such as expired products, are still available on the platform.
  2. Seller didn’t prepare sufficient stock for the best-selling products before the promotion events, plus the delay in restocking supply.
  3.  Inaccurate inventory data caused by errors during manual data collection and entry.
  4. Synchronization timing issues caused by the software( Especially during flash sales).
  5. Manual delisting can’t always be real-time and orders can still be placed before stockout products are delisted.

For cross-border sellers, the above situations are commonplace. Manual processing is inevitably error-prone, and if the inventory management software used is outdated, it won’t do much help either.

Now if you are been bugged with the same problems, you may want to try out the UPFOS ERP system. It free your bussiness from labor intensive manual processing and tackles your inventory concerns gracefully.

  1. UPFOS uses unique code and batch management to keep every valuable and shelflife-sensitive product in check.
  2. UPFOS allows sellers to set up customized inventory alerts. It notifies the seller when the inventory quantity gets below the preset value. It also gives you restock recommendations based on the past 7-day/15-day/30-day sales history.
  3. UPFOS gives you insight into the real-time inbound-outbound status. It helps to avoid overstocks and stockouts.

  4. UPFOS synchronizes the updated inventory quantity to platforms whenever there’s a change in the inventory.
  5. You can reserve a part of your stock as safety inventory. When the stockreaches the warning value, the product will be automaticallydelisted to avoid order placement after stockouts.
  6. UPFOS supports shared inventory between multiple stores across platforms. Say goodbye to the hassle of designating inventory to individual stores.

Additionally, you may find the following features helpful:

  1. Order Splitting: overweight orders can be split into multiple packages based on user-defined rules, reducing logistics costs.
  2. UPFOS provides sellers with multiple customizable gifting solutions, allowing sellers to set up desired gifting plans beyond the platform restriction, adding flexibility to your marketing strategies.
  3. UPFOS supports sending out marketing messages through SMS and Whatsapp.  
  4. UPFOS integrates third party systems such as accounting and warehouse management system, providing a comprehensive solution to your business.
  5. UPFOS helps segregate business divisions through its permission management feature. Its flexible permission assignment avoids unauthorized operations and ensures data security.

UPFOS is the choice of many great brands in South East Asia, and it will also be a trustworthy helper to your cross-border selling journey.

Not much time is left before the Spring Festival sale starts this year. Make sure you plan ahead, stock up, and schedule the shifts. Grab as much customer flow as possible this holiday season and make it a great starting point for sales in the new year. We wish every seller great success!

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