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UPFOS and Blibli API Conntected to Support All The Indonesian E-commerce Sellers.

Cooperation Summary:
  • UPFOS is now integrated with Blibli to provide e-commerce sellers with better online store management experience  through open API, and promote the development of e-commerce industry in Indonesia.
  • Blibli,one of top 5 e-commerce platforms in Indonesia, entered the e-commerce market in 2010 and was headquartered in western Jakarta. Blibli is characterized by selling only local brands. Products mainly include house decorations, traditional clothing, different island flavor cuisine, national tours and tickets for art performances and sporting events. As one of Indonesia’s largest and most comprehensive web shopping malls, Blibli could meet a wide variety of everyday needs with the slogan – “BIG CHOICES, BIG DEALS”.

Platform advantages:

1.Grow rapidly

The platform has developed rapidly since its establishment. By 2016, the five-year traffic increased by 278 times, the average daily page views exceeded 3.5 million, the average daily visitors exceeded 1.5 million, and the average daily users exceeded 750,000.The platform currently has about 34 million traffic per month.


2.Variety of products

There are more than 100,000 high-quality products available in 17 categories, including electronic, gadgets, fashion, health and beauty, mother and baby, home and living, automobiles, toys, clothes, sports, tickets and vouchers, travel and recharge bills, etc.

3.Multiple payment methods

Platform support: e-banking payment, debit / credit card, ATM, wire transfer, cash payment, e-wallet, etc.


4.Powerful social media.

Blibli has the most fans on Facebook and Twitter of all e-commerce platforms, and the response is also quick, basically within a few minutes.


5.Intimate service

Provide 24 hours customer service.

Cooperation benefits:

1.The UPFOS is very friendly to new users because of its simple interface, easy understanding functions and detailed guide, which can improve business operation efficiency.

2.Mobile apps and PC are both available, sellers could manage their stores anytime and anywhere.

3.Auto review, print and deliver all orders according to your customized setting, detail track of all history processes.

4.Intelligently manage of whole process with customized rules or tags in multiple business sectors to make each part of the operation more flexible.

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