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UPFOS is now partnering with Tiktok to built a one-stop eCommerce service in short video platform

 Project Summary:

Recently, TikTok and UPFOFS are now cooperating in a strategic alliance to achieve market growth in Southeast Asia and to provide eCommerce customers with better services. UPFOS is among the first eCommerce solution systems that integrate with Tiktok. Considering scenarios specific to Tiktok, UPFOS helps Tiktok sellers to acheive business growth in a short period of time. In the mean time, the comprehensive service that is realized after the partnering of UPFOS and Tiktok is likely to attarct more sellers to start business in Tiktok.

  • TikTok was online from May 2017 and has become a leading social media platform for sharing and creating short videos. As of 2020, its monthly active user in the United States had reached over 100 million, the cumulative downloads had reached over 200 million, the global monthly active user had reached over 800 million, the cumulative downloads globally had reached over 2 trillion.
  • TikTok is also booming in the Southeast Asia region. With its population of just over 630 million, Southeast Aisa is now contributing over 200 million Tiktok downloads, and over half of the demographics are young people under 30.
  • Since Tiktok’s cooperation with Shopify in Oct. 2020, it’s starting to make its way into the eCommerce market.
  • Currently, TikTok is the fifth non-game App that reaches 3 trillion downloads. Before this, all Apps that reach this milestone belongs to Facebook. TikTok has become the App with the highest in-app purchases and the highest downloads globally.  
UPFOS Features:
  • UPFOS provides a one-stop SaaS eCommerce retail management system and it supports multiple languages
  • customers can use one integrated system for multiple mainstream platforms in the Southeast Asia region to access and manage all of their data and process workflow easily.
  • UPFOS provides premium services that adapt to your region. The professional local team offers one on one consultant to assist local sellers in setting up their smart management system.
  • UPFOS provides customized services to meet the different needs of companies.
  • Backed by innovative technology and a stable server, UPFOS ensures users’ data is always secure.
Project Updates:
  • Major UI enhancements in v3.7
  • currently working on integrating with more platforms and realizing more functions.

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