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Use shopee chat efficiently to improve customer service and boost conversion rate—How to make the most out of your shopee chat.


Customer service is no stranger to any e-commerce sellers. As an e-commerce seller, no matter what platform you use, you cannot do without customer service since this is the only and best way to communicate with buyers. Moreover, many platforms use chat response as one of the store evaluation parameters, making it even more important to the sellers. The reponse rate affects the exposure and display of the store, and the platforms view response rate as an indication of a seller’s service performance. If your chat response rate is below the industry average, it will adversely affect customers’ willingness to communicate and shop at your store.

So,how do we effectively maintain our response rate?

1.speed of reply

The speed of your first response is very important. That is the speed at which you respond when a new buyer reaches out to you the first time. This response rate is a significant factor in your overall response rate, and a simple solution to that is to set up an automatic reply.

2.Quick Reply

Setting up quick replies can greatly increase the efficiency of your reception. We encounter all sorts of questions in our daily communication with customers: how is the quality? are there any color differences? is the delivery fast? can you give me a discount? are there any gifts? What size should I pick? just to name a few. You can set up answers to frequently asked questions in advance as quick replies.

3.Make good use of Emoji and stickers

Stickers and Emoji can sometimes be more intuitive and effective in expressing our current moods and feelings. They can also facilitate conversion rates since they are understandable by everyone, and pose minimal language and cultural barriers!

4.Truely understand customers’ needs

Customers usually shop around. When they are communicating with you, try to ask them some questions to help them find what they need, and eventually make purchase from your store.

For example:

Customer: hello, for height of 175 cm and weight of 70 kg, what size should I pick?

Seller: hello, our recommendation is XL. Are you buying for yourself or for someone else?

( try asking questions proactively)

5.Make good use of customer review with images

When buyers post reviews with images, make sure to collect those images that are either aesthetically pleasing or useful to other buyers. Sometimes a good picture is better than a hundred words.

For example:

Customer: Does this dress match the picture?

(Then you can send him/her the pictures for reference.)

6.Follow up with your orders

You’ll often get into situations where a buyer has talked to you in great details about the products and has shown a strong desire to buy but suddenly stops responding to messages, and does not place the order. Please remember to follow up with them.

We wouldn’t want to lose any customers just because we forgot to follow up with them!

For example:

Hi there! It looks like you have not placed the order. If you are having any questions please let me know. This product is a hot seller and it is going fast so if you like the product, make sure to place the order before it’s gone.

7.Use chat

Just imagine what a big hassle it will be to reply to all the messages during a large-scale promotion if you are the only one managing all of your stores. Switching between different stores can cause delays to your reply, and you can easily miss customers’ messages. It will be much easier when you have a convenient chat tool around.

Say if you are using the UPFOS Chat, it’ll help you:

  1. Manage messages from all of your stores.
  2. Set up message notifications so you don’t miss any messages from customers.
  3. Increase response rate and customer satisfaction
  4. Setup smart auto-reply, synchronize stickers to the platform.
  5. tag important customers
  6. send coupons and order information to customers.
  7. Keep track of customer service performance.

These features help alleviate the hecticness during the sale season and level up your customer service game with just a few clicks! We highly recommend that you try out the UPFOS chat tool and experience it for yourself.

Sign up for free to access the tool! (go.upfos.com)

Precautions for Using the Shopee Chat:

  1. Sending duplicate messages to multiple buyers.
  2. Sending information irrelevant to the stores on the Shopee platform. (promoting stores on a different platform, directing buyers to a website outside of the Shopee platform).
  3. Sending out the seller’s personal contact information, guide users to communicate outside of the Shopee platform.

These are the tips and tricks we offer to you, and we hope they are helpful! You can download Chat here.

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