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"Jet Commerce" and UPFOS create vitality for Southeast Asian e-commerce sellers

One of Southeast Asia’s most prominent ecommerce enablers: Jet Commerce Indonesia, has announced a deep partnership with e-commerce service provider upfos. The partnership aims to help Jet Commerce’s brand partners build their e-commerce companies, thereby strengthening Indonesia’s e-commerce ecosystem and facilitating the growth of local merchants through technology.

The partnership was inaugurated on 24 May 2022 in Jakarta, Indonesia, with the certification of Jet Commerce Indonesia as an authorised channel partner of upfos, allowing Jet Commerce Indonesia to use upfos’ marketplace management system to improve the efficiency of its brand partners’ eCommerce business and local sellers’ operations in upfos, a software developed by a team of veteran Southeast Asian e-commerce sellers, achieves the ability to combine order management, inventory management, product management, warehouse management and customer management into one system and has over 500 features for the Southeast Asian marketplace, breaking the functional limitations of the marketplace’s existing ERP. 

upfos and Jet Commerce two The partnership between upfos and Jet Commerce is based on the same core values of growth mindset and aims to take the Southeast Asian e-commerce industry to a whole new level, forward thinking and supporting the future development of ecommerce business, rather than just solving sellers’ existing problems, as other service providers in the market do. This is predicted to be a historic collaboration in the industry, and it will create an amazaing difference. 

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