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upfos ERP- certified Best Excellent Platform by Akulaku

In addition to the Chinese mainland market, VIVO has also entered overseas markets such as India, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

As a well-known international brand, VIVO attaches great importance to its overseas markets, so it is very cautious when it comes to selecting a management system. However, the use of SAAS software in overseas markets is very small, and the available functions are far less powerful than domestic ERPs in China. The domestic ERP systems in China, on the other hand, have powerful functions but are less adapted to the overseas markets. So UPFOS won the heart of VIVO team when it was introduced the first time, and the cooperation was confirmed on the same day. ” A software that fits the overseas local market while having a comprehensive set of features is really one in a thousand. ” as the VIVO team has put it ” UPFOS does not only meet the needs of the local market, it is also compatible with the cross-border market, and the domestic market in China, which is very rare.”

Akulaku has also gone through a careful selection and testing process for the service providers that join the partner network.


In addition to the qualification and functional evaluation, to become an Akulaku Premium Partner, one needs to have a quality service team and the ability to help local sellers improve their operations.

As the most professional SaaS solution for the local e-commerce industry in Southeast Asia, upfos has broken through the traditional meaning of ERP and can help Southeast Asian sellers to achieve the integration of OMS+WMS+CRM order/warehousing/customer marketing management. In addition, upfos also provides customised solutions for different categories of merchants: batch control + exclusive promotion programme customisation for beauty category; mother and baby category for SMS secondary precision marketing; 3C electronics for valuable items with unique product codes + PDA for precise and efficient control; furniture with large volumes and high transport costs with precise warehouse modelling + intelligent planning of picking paths. Whatever your category, upfos has a tailor-made solution for your business.


In addition to Akulaku, upfos is also deeply connected to many mainstream e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia such as Shopee, Lazada, Tokopedia, Tiki and Sendo, as well as independent sites such as Shopify and Shopline, and has set up professional local service teams in various markets in Southeast Asia, with a strong focus on providing localised and quality services for sellers. We are able to provide comprehensive gold medal protection for e-commerce enterprises in Southeast Asia, whether in terms of system security or compliance, helping brands to successfully land in Southeast Asia and achieve the goal of cost reduction and rapid development.


As an official partner of Akulaku, upfos will work together with Akulaku to provide sellers with better e-commerce management solutions, covering all types of services including orders, warehousing, marketing and chat, helping sellers to easily manage their shops and achieve cost reduction and efficiency.

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