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VIVO's gold mining journey in southeast asia powered by UPFOS.


VIVO is a design-driven technology company that creates great products and builds smart terminals and smart services.

As an international brand focusing on the field of smartphones, VIVO approaches smart products with fun, vitality, professional sound quality, ultimate image, and pleasant experience, making the continuous creation of surprises its goal.

In addition to the Chinese mainland market, VIVO has also entered overseas markets such as India, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

As a well-known international brand, VIVO attaches great importance to its overseas markets, so it is very cautious when it comes to selecting a management system. However, the use of SAAS software in overseas markets is very small, and the available functions are far less powerful than domestic ERPs in China. The domestic ERP systems in China, on the other hand, have powerful functions but are less adapted to the overseas markets. So UPFOS won the heart of VIVO team when it was introduced the first time, and the cooperation was confirmed on the same day. ” A software that fits the overseas local market while having a comprehensive set of features is really one in a thousand. ” as the VIVO team has put it ” UPFOS does not only meet the needs of the local market, it is also compatible with the cross-border market, and the domestic market in China, which is very rare.”

UPFOS is honored to be the service provider chosen VIVO. During the long-term cooperation, He Zhuopeng, the head of VIVO Indonesia business, said that UPFOS played a decisive role in VIVO’s Indonesian new warehouse planning and management, and also provided crucial support for local business development. UPFOS mainly assists VIVO’s local business development from the following aspects.

1.Planning the layout of overseas warehouses and optimizing the warehousing process:

In addition to its team in Hangzhou, China, UPFOS has also deployed local teams in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia, dedicated to serving e-commerce sellers in the local market. These local teams can visit the warehouse for in-site inspection to provide the best solution possible. Based on the properties of individual warehouses, the correspondence between the warehouse location and products can be established in the UPFOS system, facilitating the auto-generation of a sorted picking order that optimizes the picking route.


2.Refinement management of unique code:

as a warehouse with thousands, and even ten thousand orders per day, the daily management of inbound and outbound can be daunting, especially for electronic product brands like VIVO. Electronic products are valuable, and any lost or damaged item can cause significant loss. One solution to the management of valuable products is using unique code. This means that each product will have its own unique identifier. The UPFOS system can use the product SKU to generate the unique code automatically to ensure that ensure the one-to-one relationship between the product and its unique code. At the same time, these unique code products can be viewed and managed on a dedicated page, allowing refined management.

3. How to ship out a high volume of promotion orders quickly

For e-commerce sellers, the more orders per day, the harder it will be for warehouse staff to handle, and it will require more labor to process. However, just by smart classifying and batch processing, the amount of manual labor can be greatly reduced. To deal with high order volume, you can set up smart review rules in UPFOS to let it help you do the review. Successfully reviewed orders enter the printing interface automatically, where you can use wave printing to print out picking orders, in which orders are grouped in sorted batches based on preset rules. With this picking order, warehouse staff can pick up the products from different orders in the least number of trips possible. The automatic operation and intelligent processing of UPFOS can greatly reduce the operation time and increase efficiency.

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